Located in south-west France and capital of the largest region (New Aquitaine is the size of Austria!) and 3rd most populous region in France, Bordeaux & surrounding areas are home to more than 6 million inhabitants and is described as the ‘most desired place to move to’. The trend will continue to increase since Bordeaux records the strongest demographic growth among the largest French metropolises.

Located in south-west France, the airport is within close reach of the City of Bordeaux, the official capital of the New Aquitaine region. In 2016 the “New Aquitaine” became the largest French region, accounting for almost 6 million inhabitants and is described as the ‘most desired place to move to’; enjoying the 2nd most dynamic national migration growth in France.

Bordeaux Airport offers immediate access to a vibrant metropolis growing towards 1 million inhabitants, and to a region which is proud not only to capitalize on its worldwide reputation, but also firmly invest into the future of new technology and talent.

BORDEAUX REGION: A rich and diverse economy,
international by tradition and by profession.

The sustainable economic growth experienced by the Bordeaux region finds its roots in both traditional and highly innovative fields.

Over the next several years, more than 10 billion euros of investment funds will support major economic developments in various fields, such as Aeronautical & Space Embarked Systems (AESA), Research & High Technologies (the “Laser Highway” business cluster), as well as the renewable energy sector.

The Bordeaux region offers innovation in numerous internationally acclaimed fields such as aeronautics & electronics (world leader in rocket engine manufacturing, European leader in the manufacturing of private jets, major player in aeronautical maintenance and specific related clusters); wood paper industries and derived products (first European planted forest & centre for thermo-structural materials); nautical industry (leader in water board sports); pharmaceutical & medical industry (leader in advanced medical research, neurology and heart transplants); and service & capital investments.

Bordeaux and
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Bordeaux : globally acclaimed and highly recommended

After being awarded the best European tourist destination, Bordeaux was granted the status of ‘best autumnal trip’ by The Telegraph and classified as the ‘top destination to visit’ by the New York Times, it was also voiced as a ‘must-see travel destination’ by Chinese travel agencies. In line with its ever-increasing recognition worldwide, it is worth remembering too that in 2017, Bordeaux again stood in the top-ranking destinations to visit, ahead of Cape Town and Los Angeles to Lonely Planet’s title of City of the year. More recently, Bordeaux was awarded "European Capitals of Smart Tourism 2022" which rewards exceptional performance and achievements in the field of tourism according to four categories: Sustainability, Accessibility, Digitization and Cultural Heritage & Creativity.

Aware of its unique scenery and attractiveness, major international river cruise companies (Uniworld, Viking River Cruises, Ama Waterways, Scenic Tours) have based their ships in Bordeaux, attracting more tourists from the US, Canada and Australia.

The region offers tradition and culture, numerous unique historical treasures including 8000 château wine producers and no less than 5 sites already classified under the UNESCO World Heritage Programme. With over 1,500 bottles of Bordeaux wine sold every minute throughout the world, the Bordeaux region is part of a long trading tradition based on high quality standards and the sharing of its savoir-faire.

La Cité du Vin, already top place to visit in Europe

The Cité du Vin offers a unique experience to visitors and is already ranking amongst top-EU must-visit tours. What is interesting is that the Cité du Vin is not only a museum for Bordeaux wine, it also offers an opportunity for wines and their producers from all over the world to show what they have to offer, creating a balance between local authenticity and worldwide diversity.

Just a few kilometers from the Atlantic Ocean and its stretching sandy beaches, a short trip from the caves and medieval villages of the Dordogne and within easy reach of the sweeping Pyrenees Mountains, Bordeaux Airport has endless opportunities to cater to all tastes; and makes it the ideal gateway to one of Europe’s leading tourism regions.

Bordeaux Airport is seeking to complete its worldwide network by creating direct routes or new services to the major inter-continental hubs, enhancing passengers’ access to/from:

Arrow The Americas: US (New York & Boston, Miami, Chicago), Canada (Toronto)
Arrow Caribbeans: Guadeloupe, Martinique, Dominican Republic & Cuba
Arrow Asia: Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapour, Japan, Thailand & India (Bombai & Delhi)
Arrow Middle East & Gulf: UAE (Dubai & Abu Dhabi), Qatar, Egypt, Lebanon, Oman, Bahrain, Turkey (Ankara, Izmir, Antalya)
Arrow Africa: Morocco (Nador, Ouarzazate), Algeria (Bejaia, Constantine, Setif), Tunisia (Monastir), Ivory Coast (Abidjan), La Reunion, Mauritius, Madagascar & Cape Verde

In Europe, Bordeaux Airport is aiming to develop new routes and facilitate access to the following destinations:

Austria & Germany
Arrow Austria: Vienna, Salzburg
Arrow Germany: Cologne
Arrow Netherlands: Rotterdam
Eastern Europe & Baltics
Arrow Bulgaria: Sofia, Varna
Arrow Estonia: Tallin
Arrow Lithuania: Vilnius
Arrow Poland: Warsaw, Krakow
Arrow Slovenia: Ljubljana
Arrow Latvia: Riga
Arrow Hungary: Budapest
Arrow France: Rennes, Montpellier, Paris BVA
Arrow Iceland: Reykjavik
Arrow Norway: Bergen
Arrow Sweden: Stockholm
Southern Europe
Arrow Croatia: Pula, Zagreb
Arrow Cyprus: Larnaca
Arrow Greece: Kalamata, Kos, Naxos, Paros, Zakinthos, Thessaloniki, Mykonos
Arrow Italy: Ancona, Genoa, Turin, Verona,

Bologne, Brindisi, Palerme

Arrow Malta: Malta

Arrow Spain: Granada, Canaries (Las Palmas, La Palma)
Arrow Portugal: Funchal, Azores
Arrow England: East Midlands, Exeter, Southampton, Leeds, Newcastle, Jersey/Guernsey, London SEN, Liverpool, Birmingham
Arrow Wales: Cardiff

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BORDEAUX AIRPORT provides airline companies with a comprehensive range of information so that they can make a better assessment of potential routes, and also a number of financial support and marketing schemes for new service launches.

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